Our associates...
Cassandra Austin

When Cassandra Austin joined the food service industry as a 15 year old, Women in the commercial kitchen were an anomaly...(more)

Contact: cassandra@casstronomy.info
Mobile: +61 (0) 403 484 775

Dr. Matt Daley

Matt Daly, obtained a five-year double degree in Clinical Sciences with a Masters degree in Osteo from Melbourne and relocated to Brisbane in 2007. On the Sunshine Coast, he played a pivotal role in multiple healthcare start-ups, notably founding, expanding, and divesting one of the biggest groups north of Brisbane that served over 13,000 patients over 2 locations. He led a sizable team of multidisciplinary professionals, shaping the practices' success...(more)

Contact: matt@dalyconsultinggroup.com.au
Mobile: +61 (0) 408 318 445

Eddie Cofie

Raised in the UK on fiery cuisine, Eddie's love of food was ignited early, starting with cooking with his mother for the large Cofie family encompassing six brothers & extended family members to cooking classes at school.
Following his culinary calling, Eddie embarked on a journey that encompassed classical French training, Australian culinary exploration, and a track record in senior chef & Executive Chef roles spanning prestigious London hotels, luxury cruises, airlines, Olympic Games, and even TV appearances. ...(more)

Contact: eddie@ejcfoods.com
Mobile: +61 (0) 418 218 814

James Bradbury

James, a culinary master hailing from the vibrant city of Melbourne, embarked on a culinary journey that spanned continents and flavours. Born with a passion for the art of food, he honed his skills through formal culinary training in both his homeland of Australia and the culinary hub of London. After mastering the culinary craft, James transitioned seamlessly into the world of new product development, lending his expertise to renowned establishments like David Jones and the illustrious Bluebird on Kings Road in London...(more)

Contact: james.bradbury@me.com
Mobile: +66 922 620 241