"We value his understanding of the complexities of our business so we always welcome working on projects with him, plus, we enjoy working with him. He is also very open to positive and negative comments where he proactively works to address it and following up along the way."

Culinary Manager
YUM! Franchise Pte Ltd

Glenn is passionate and a devoted industry advocate, always encouraging, pushing boundaries and challenging for a healthy Industry.

Glenn’s network offers opportunities and proven results for both the Retail and Food Service Industries

He has created relationships with high-level manufacturers, hoteliers, retail groups and QSRs both Nationally and Internationally including government officials and tourism bodies to ensure the hospitality and food sector has support, sustainability and recognition where required. Glenn has developed relationships with key scientists to inform and promote Australian advancements in the food industry and strong networks with professionals to ensure he delivers the cutting edge of industry and enable his clients to be positioned correctly for profit generation.

Glenn regularly contributes to trade publications and holds the title of “most popular writer for Australia’s largest leading Industry publication“ "Open House" for 15 years and ongoing, he is renowned for his engaging, energetic, no nonsense attitude as a professional speaker and is never afraid of controversial issues speaking with passion, conviction, to the point, with great humour and relevance.