Dr. Matt Daley

Matt Daly, obtained a five-year double degree in Clinical Sciences with a Masters degree in Osteo from Melbourne and relocated to Brisbane in 2007. On the Sunshine Coast, he played a pivotal role in multiple healthcare start-ups, notably founding, expanding, and divesting one of the biggest groups north of Brisbane that served over 13,000 patients over 2 locations. He led a sizable team of multidisciplinary professionals, shaping the practices' success.

During his tenure in the healthcare industry, Matthew secured an R&D grant to conduct data analysis on patient behaviors within the musculoskeletal health domain, showcasing his commitment to innovation. This data became invaluable to clinic owners and highlighted business opportunities and risks.

Recognizing his strengths in strategy, Matthew extended his reach beyond healthcare by establishing a consultancy business. His expertise now benefits a diverse spectrum of SMEs across many industries.

Matthew's recent career pivot led him to Victoria for the past three years. There, he orchestrated a remarkable turnaround of a real estate office while also achieving a record-breaking sale for a small acreage farming development.

Currently back on the Sunshine Coast, Matthew is deeply immersed in business development after completing his MBA. He's dedicated to assisting companies in shaping strategy, fostering growth, and optimizing their operations. His core focuses remain on leadership, culture, and brand identity.

Matthew Daly's professional journey is a testament to his adaptability and visionary leadership, consistently making a positive impact across various industries.

Contact: matt@dalyconsultinggroup.com.au
Mobile: +61 (0) 408 318 445