James Bradbury

James, a culinary master hailing from the vibrant city of Melbourne, embarked on a culinary journey that spanned continents and flavours. Born with a passion for the art of food, he honed his skills through formal culinary training in both his homeland of Australia and the culinary hub of London. After mastering the culinary craft, James transitioned seamlessly into the world of new product development, lending his expertise to renowned establishments like David Jones and the illustrious Bluebird on Kings Road in London.

James' journey led him to join forces with GA Consulting, where he has been an integral part of the team now at the helm of the Asian division. Stationed in the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, James brings a wealth of experience in food leadership from his extensive involvement in global Quick-Service Restaurants (QSR) and casual dining establishments. His impressive track record includes collaborations with some of Asia's largest restaurant groups and powerhouse brands across Thailand, Singapore, China, and Dubai. James is very comfortable working in networks with over 2000 units with multiple culinary genres, James has demonstrated his unique ability to craft innovative products from the raw ingredients and processors, transforming them into fully realized menu items that elevate and rejuvenate the culinary offerings.

Notably, James made history by pioneering Asia's inaugural multi-brand research and development and innovation facility. Under his leadership, he spearheaded New Product Development (NPD) initiatives for large pizza, cafe, chicken, and burger chains, overseeing thousands of successful product launches. His reach and influence in the Asian culinary landscape are unparalleled. Beyond his culinary prowess, James is an active member of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD). His academic achievements include a Master's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) from Swinburne University, culinary credentials from Le Cordon Bleu, and a diploma from the International College of Hotel Management.

James' passion for Australian ingredients and his unwavering commitment to culinary excellence make him the go-to expert for product development, brand launches, and culinary demonstrations in Asia. With an extraordinary blend of expertise, innovation, and a deep love for food, James continues to shape the culinary landscape in Asia and beyond in the QSR and casual dinning landscape.

Contact: james.bradbury@me.com
Mobile: +66 922 620 241